Travel Tours for Singles: An Unbiased Perspective

In the current era, due to hectic lifestyles, travelling has become an indispensable need of the mankind. Every year, a large number of people, including singles, couples and groups, plan recreational trips to different relaxing destinations, hoping to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. Travelling not only relieves stress, but also helps people to make new friends, try an array of adventurous activities, and do a whole lot more. However, unless sound planning is in place, everything about a planned or unplanned trip may not be all that rejuvenating.


Solo Traveling

The Yesteryears

Earlier, despite the existence of countless travel tour organizers, solo travelers found it difficult to find the one that caters to their solo travel needs, and the travel industry had been lagging behind to catch on to the single-traveler market. In the recent past, however, numerous agencies have started vacation packages for solo travelers.

The Now

Some of the leading travel agencies now offer personalized singles holidays, whereas a few have come up with an innovative idea to help customers cut down their travel expense by opting for same-sex room sharing. A solo traveler can opt for various singles vacation packages offered by travel tour operators, such as:

• Ski vacations for singles

• Cruises for singles

• Tropical vacations for singles


Selecting a Travel Agency

An abundance of choices usually makes it a challenge for travelers to find a reliable travel agency. To help with the task, here is a list of some of the most credible providers of singles vacation packages:

Single Travel Service: STS is a premier tour operator that offers numerous options for solo travelers, ranging from sports related vacations to skiing, scuba, mountain and various other options. The operator also offers single weekend summer camps, tennis & snowboarding trips, Caribbean cruises, etc.

Friendship Travel: The main focus of this tour operator is house-party-style beach holidays in Turkey and Greece. The company also offers group holidays in Cambodia and Kenya, among other destinations.

Just You: JY is one of the leading single-traveler specialists, with an impressive portfolio, featuring 50 destinations, ranging from Edinburgh to Uzbekistan, featuring short refreshment breaks.

Solitaire: This is another singles vacation specialist that focuses on a Mediterranean beach stays, along with walking holidays and trips to other places, such as India, Vietnam, Mexico, and Cuba, all escorted by an experienced tour leader.


Trips organized by professional tour operators don’t let single travelers feel alone, and provide them an opportunity to indulge in various fun activities, such as skiing, scuba, and mountain biking, among innumerable others.


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